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Crypto PayrollQuick and easy way to manage crypto payments, especially for companies making payments on a regular basis like salaries or bonuses. Free transaction fee for all $Monday holders!
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Web 3.0 recruitmentHolding $Monday or Monday Club’s NFTs provides spaces for talents to show their skills and capabilities, while allowing companies to efficiently seek for web 3.0 talents for the tasks needed.
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Monday SquadThe very first NFT collection of Monday Club to boost fun to your normal working life with characters based on MBTI personalities that can reflect your uniqueness.
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Earn MoreWe provide many staking pools with high and competitive yield rewards. By staking, you help us to run a great ecosystem & maintain its security.
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Monday Bridge is also available to allow you to earn on other chain so that you can maximize your earnings in the way you prefer.
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16 personalitiesWe help you to understand yourself even better by using 16 personalities test…figure out who you are or what you love, get to know new friends with the same minds, and learn to interact with people who are different from you. You will probably know what you must do to achieve your goals, find the job you love, or even find your true love!
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Our Metaverse is unique, you can be yourself without any restrictions. Become a member of our Community to find new friends with common interests, personality traits to make it more fun to learn, find new job opportunities, game, shop, chitchat or just chill together.
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