MAKING MONDAY GREAT AGAIN! Enter into the world where you can easily earn more by accepting your salaries and rewards through cryptocurrency. With our Monday Club products that interoperate to maximize returns while minimizing risks for users
$MONDAY is our main utility token that allows you to buy and sell LANDS and ASSETS in The Monday Club metaverse. Get $MONDAY token here
Staking $MONDAY
Monday Club staking program is here right now! Stake $MONDAY to receive $MONDAY as rewards, together with many top staking Pool with high yield. NFT drops and other reward from your stake will available in late Q2 2022
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Crypto Salary & High Yield StakingWith the growing popularity and desirability of cryptocurrency, Monday Club will help companies to pay their remote workforce with crypto in a more secure and safer manner. We use smart contracts to ensure that all parties will perform all their duties without needing to worry about security or unfairness. The workforce can also generate more income by staking their earnings or choosing to invest in one of our fund pools.
Earn more in the Metaverse
Create your own avatar and gain privilege access to community created space where you can connect and interact from playing games to joining exclusive social events.
Different Avatar levels come with different privileges and access
Simple access to many high yield Defi protocols on Web 3.0 via web 2.0
NFT AvatarsMonday Club is the first to link the Blockchain world to the physical world. Different Avatars will provide users with different access to different yield pools, discounts, community and physical world benefits. There are currently 3 levels of access:
  • Standard
  • Privilege
Branded Edition
  • Branded
Acquire premium Monday Club NFT to gain PRIVILEGE ACCESS
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Branded Edition(Branded Access)Limited NFT characters are a collaboration between us and our partners and limited to a closed community. There are several partners that Monday Club is working with so please keep an eye out for the future releases.
Highlight Features
RelationshipCreate relationship between your co-workers or experts in our Metaverse launching in Q3 2022
Virtual HangoutVirtually hangout with your co-worker or people in your networks. Games can be created in each session to make remote working fun again.
PayrollMaking life simple and meaningful by receiving crypto payment for your hard work.
Earn MoreEasily access and earn from many high yield defi protocols that normally require a lot of time and effort to get access to.
Social UpskillExplore and learn from other experts in the field and be the better you.
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